Military and Tactical Gear

Tactical & Military Gear

Tactical & Military Gear

We focus on offering comprehensive solutions to meet customer-specific procurement requirements. We supply needed equipment to military , private security contractors, and more.After years of expertise performing different projects in Africa, the Middle East and Europe we managed to build a strong network of international partners. With their support, we are able to extend many of our tactical product lines to those regions. Our competencies in this area include the supply of personal protection products and tactical gear, custom kitting and assembly, custom uniform services.

  1. Armor & Protection                          
  2. Clothing
  3. ABU                     
  4. Bags
  5. Footwear 
  6. Headwear
  7. Helmets (all levels)  
  8. Tents
  9. Tools
  10. Ambulance
  11. Generators         
  12. Armoured Vehicles
  13. Military Vehicles

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